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Advancing user-centered design: Integrating cultural and situated environment across the design process


Authors: Sofía A. Luna Rodríguez; Gustavo Adolfo Zepeda Aguilar





This poster showcases the proposal of a pedagogical design method that furthers the scope of research inside the user-centered design process by integrating context research from the immediate environment to reach a broader outlook for product design.


This approach aims to shift general notions of the role of the environment inside the design process by classifying it into two domains: cultural and situated environment. This direction comprehends the user within, as users actively interact inside their environments.


The method follows steps to widen the discovery and integration of insight generated from the proposed classification of environment.  A method that supports the user-centered design process to address insights by analyzing and interpreting the cultural and situated environment where a design is used. An inquiry that considers the characteristics of the environment and its impact to the user(s) and to the product they are incontact with.


Key Words: culture, insight generation, situated environment, user-centered design.


Reference: Publication in the Conference Preecedings of the RE-DO Cumulus Kolding2017 Conference in Designskolen Kolding, Denmark which took place on 30 May - 2 June 2017

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