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Ecosystem-Minded Insight Generation: Context-Driven Research Innovation Inside the Human-Centered Design Process


Author: Sofía A. Luna Rodríguez; Gustavo Adolfo Zepeda Aguilar





Interactions between users and products happen every day somewhere inside our ecosystems. While design teams perform human-centered practices along product development, the results of these tend to distress dynamics when designing for users with a different cultural and environmental setting. 


Therefore, this paper introduces the notion to further the research phase of human-centered design practices by supporting the reiteration of the insight generation task through ecosystem thinking with a background study on design autopoiesis. This ethos helps redirect context-driven research by guiding design teams in the understanding of the ecosystem surrounding product design in three interconnected fields: socio-cultural, environmental, and extended context. 


The ecosystem thinking approach assists the human-centered design process’ research phase through the remodeling of the insight generation task into Ecosystem-minded Insight Generation to analyse and gather insights of the three interconnected contexts to better grasp the situations happening around a design problem and improve products through context-aware insight.  

Keywords: context-driven research, ecosystem thinking, human-centered design, insight generation 


Reference: Luna Rodríguez, S. & Zepeda, G. (2018) Ecosystem-Minded Insight Generation: Context-Driven research innovation inside the human-Centeredesign process. The International Journal of Design Management and Professional Practice.

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